Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cost of Summer College for High School Students? Are there other academic fees?

The program fee is $8,550.00. The program fee includes course tuition for your credit class, the Duke transcript fee, meals on campus, film series and expos, dormitory housing, dining, academic supplies, airport transportation to/from the Raleigh-Durham International Airport (RDU), optional linen pack rental, and recreational activities sponsored by Summer College.

Final payment due date is April 14. 2017

NOT included in the program fee are airfare, books and meals purchased off campus.  

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How do I apply?

We begin accepting applications December 1, 2016.  You can choose to apply online or use the paper application.  If you prefer to submit a paper application, please email us at with your request and we will send you the paper application form.  Please review the checklist to ensure you have submitted a complete application with all supporting documentation, as we will not review your application until it is complete.  The application fee is $50 for U.S. students and $100 for International students.  Checks, money orders, and credit card payments are accepted.  A $35 fee will be charged for a check returned due to insufficient funds.

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Who is eligible to apply?

U.S.: Current 10th and 11th grade students.

International: Current 10th and 11th grade students, plus graduating high school seniors who are not planning to attend a U.S. university in fall 2017.

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What is the minimum language requirement?

The minimum required scores are 95 for the Internet-based TOEFL and 7.0 for the IELTS test.  Preferred score for the Internet-based TOEFL would be 100.  Students who do not have a TOEFL or IELTS score may elect to be tested by the English for International Students (EIS) program in the Duke University Graduate School.  For more information on the EIS test please check the International Student Requirements

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What is the difference between Summer Academy and Summer College for High School Students programs?

While students receive Duke credit and a transcript in the Summer College for High School students, the Summer Academy experience is designed for personal enrichment.

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If I require assistance with the application, who should I contact?

You can email or you can call 919/ 684-6259 8:00 am to 5:00 pm EST.

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Can I live off-campus?

No, Summer College for High School Students is a residential program and students are required to live on campus.

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Will Summer College students be able to use Duke’s gyms?

Yes, because Summer College students will be enrolled as Duke University students, they will have the option to purchase a summer gym membership on campus.  The cost of this membership will likely be $100-150.

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Is financial aid available?

Financial aid is not available for the summer of 2017.

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What do I have to submit with my application?

In addition to the application (online or paper) and the fee (U.S. $50 / International $100), you must submit:

  • A copy of your high school transcript (or transcripts, if you have attended more than one high school) that records all of your high school grades with a current GPA.
  • One teacher recommendation.
  • Optional standardized test scores such as PSAT, SAT, ACT or a state standardized test if available.
  • An essay stating why you are uniquely qualified for this program and an explanation of your interest in the classes for which you are applying. Two strong paragraphs are sufficient.
  • A resume highlighting your academic and non-academic experiences.  Please include any community service, extracurricular activities, leadership roles, or awards you have received.
  • Language proficiency assessment results: TOEFL, TOEFL IBT, IELTS, or the English for International Students (EIS) assessment in the Duke University Graduate School. 

Your application will not be reviewed until it is complete.  Please use the application checklist to ensure you are submitting a complete application.

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Will you notify me when my application is complete?

Yes. Once we have a complete application, we will review it and you will receive an email with the admission decision within three (3) weeks of the receipt of the complete application.  You will also be notified if any part of your application is missing.

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How many courses can I take?

You may enroll in one daytime Duke class for academic credit.  Please indicate four daytime class choices on your application, ranked in order of preference, and we will enroll you in your first choice if space allows.  Duke courses are rigorous, and you will have academic support during daily study sessions all students will attend.  Course instructors will not make special accommodations or concessions for high school students as the intent of this program is to provide a true and accurate Duke academic experience.

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How do I choose a course?

The courses on this list are appropriate for first-semester college students. If a course has a prerequisite, it will be mentioned as part of the course description.  Questions about specific courses may be directed to Dr. Nicki Charles at,+ 919/ 684 – 8763.

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When can I expect to hear about my admission status?

Admissions decisions will be made on a “rolling” basis and you may expect to hear within three (3) weeks of submitting a complete application.

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Where will I live?

You will live in a residence hall on Duke’s West Campus and be within a few minutes’ walking distance from classroom buildings, dining facilities, libraries, the Duke Gardens, and the student union.

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Will attending Summer College increase my chances of being admitted to Duke University as a regular undergraduate degree candidate?

Participating in Summer College and mentioning that you did so on your college application is likely to be viewed by admissions counselors as one indicator of academic seriousness.  However, it is just one indicator among many factors that are assessed in a comprehensive application review and does not guarantee an offer of admission.  For additional information regarding Duke University’s admissions process, see this page.

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