Studying at a dinerRequesting a Copy of Your Duke Transcript

After your course concludes and the faculty are able to submit their final grades, your grades will be posted to your Duke academic record. Because summers are such a busy time here, it may take three or four days for your grades to be posted by the Registrar’s Office.

After your grades are posted, you may request that Duke mail a copy of your official transcript to an individual (including yourself) or to an institution. The Duke University Registrar’s Office offers several methods by which to request and receive your Duke transcript. See the Registrar’s website. When you land on this page, you will see several options outlined.

After the middle of August (when your student record is de-activated and your access to DukeHub is shut down), you will need to utilize either “Regular Mail or Pickup” or “Email" (transcript in pdf format) to request one or more copies of your Duke transcript.

Certain items of information are requested on the Transcript Request Form to identify you. Here are some of the responses you will need to give:

  • Dates of Attendance – Summer 2017 Term 2
  • Duke Unique ID – Your Duke Unique ID can be found on the back of your DukeCard where it is referred to as your Unique ID number.
  • Duke School Attended – Trinity College
  • Degree(s) Awarded – None

Remember that copies of your Duke transcript are provided to you free of charge because you have paid a transcript fee for lifetime, unlimited copies.