Frequently Asked Questions: Summer Session

We realize that you may have questions about changes to this year’s Summer Session.  Please review the FAQs below for answers to many of these questions. If you have additional questions, please contact:

Additionally, please refer to Keep Learning for resources to help you be successful in online learning this summer. 

1. If I am already enrolled in a summer course that will now be offered online do I need to register?

If you wish to remain in the online version of the class, you do not need to do anything.  If you would like to add an additional course, please add it.  Please also get on waitlists for courses of interest that are already full.  Waitlists enable us to assess demand and adjust accordingly, if possible.


2. If I am currently enrolled in a summer class and do not want to take it online, what should I do?

If you are currently registered for a Term 1 or Term 2 course and you know you do NOT want to take it online, please drop the course.


3. How do I register for Summer Session?

You must first make yourself eligible to enroll for Summer.  Please visit: for instructions.


4. Will any additional courses be added to Term 2 after April 20?

Yes, it is possible that courses may be added throughout the week of April 20.  Please continue to check the course catalog for any additions.


5. How will summer courses be graded?

Summer session will revert to normal Duke grading policies: Duke Grading Policy.


6. What is the maximum number of courses I can take in the summer?

You may enroll in a maximum of 2.5 courses per six week summer term and 1.5 courses for a 4 week term.  You may not enroll in a 4 week and 6 week course concurrently.   


7. Is there a chance that courses could be cancelled due to low enrollment?

If we do not have sufficient enrollment, we may make the decision to cancel the course.  Decisions regarding cancellation of Term 1 courses will be made by May 6.  Decisions regarding cancellation of Term 2 courses will be made no later than mid-June, on a specific date to be communicated.


8. What is the tuition for summer courses?

We have completely overhauled Duke Summer Sessions, including pricing. The new rates are:  $2,500 for a non-lab course and $3,200 for an extended recitation/lab course.  This change recognizes both the effects of the COVID-19 crisis on the availability of jobs and internships for students this summer, as well as the strong demand from Duke students for Summer Session classes.

These tuition rates apply to both Term 1 and 2 and both 4 and 6-week courses.


9. Are there any additional fees that will be charged this summer?

All students enrolled in summer courses will be charged a student health fee of $147 per term.  Student health and wellness programs and services being offered this summer can be found here:

Students living outside of the US while enrolled in an online summer course may submit a request for a health fee waiver to:


10. Can I apply for financial aid?

For all questions regarding financial aid, please visit:  Financial Aid Summer 2020.


11. When will tuition and fees hit student accounts? What is the payment deadline?

Tuition and fees for both summer terms I and 2 will post to student accounts the second week of May and will be billed on May 15th.  The due date of summer term 1 and 2 tuition and fees is June 12th.  


12. Will I be able to participate in any online activities or programs during the summer?

For a list of Duke online summer activities, please visit:  This Week at Home with Student Affairs.


13. Can we take online courses from other schools this summer?

Duke students may transfer up to two credits for courses taken away from Duke.  This summer, students will be able to transfer online courses if the course is approved by the department it would transfer back to.  Students should have their courses approved in advance to insure they will receive credit; the transfer credit approval process has moved online and can be accessed here. Transfer courses can have AOK codes, but not MOI codes, although foreign language will be an exception this summer only.

For questions regarding transfer credit, please contact your Academic Dean.