Frequently Asked Questions - Online

What does the course fee cover?

The program fee covers expenses associated with the online course, such as access to course readings.


How do I apply?

You access our application on our program's homepage. Please review the application directions to ensure you have submitted a complete application with all supporting documentation, as we will only review your application after it is complete. 


Who is eligible to apply?

U.S. based students who are currently 9th – 12th graders (2020-2021 academic year) are eligible to apply.

Due to international laws related to online programming for minors and limited resource allocations, we are unable to offer our online programs to students who are not physically located in the United States at the time of the session. 


If I require assistance with the application, who do I contact?

You can email and a staff member will assist you.


Is financial aid available?

We are unable to offer financial aid for our online course offerings. Students and their families may wish to contact their own local educational funding organizations, non-profits, community-based organizations, and large corporations to explore financial funding opportunities.

Here are some pointers on how to write a pitch to Community Based Organizations (CBO) or corporations when seeking funding for a course or program:

  1. Locate a company or community-based organization that specialize in the same subject as the course or program of interest .
  2. Do your due diligence by investigating the company or CBO to see how the goals connect with your future goals.
  3. Write a letter to the company or CBO requesting a company sponsorship or funding (avoid the term scholarship, as it connotes university tuition).
  4. Write a statement of how attending the program or taking the course benefits you as a student. Demonstrate how the company or CBO’s investment in you will benefit the company or community as you gain skills from the course/program.
  5. Contact the company or CBO’s volunteer or community support department, which is often found on their website.

What do I have to submit with my application?

You must submit the following:

  • An essay stating why you are uniquely qualified for this program and interested in the course for which you are applying.
  • A résumé highlighting your academic and non-academic experiences.
  • High school transcript (an unofficial transcript is acceptable)

Your application will not be reviewed until it is complete, Please follow the application directions to ensure you are submitting a complete application.


How does the application process work?

Once your application is complete, we will review it and send you an email with the enrollment decision within two weeks of the receipt of the entire application. You will be notified if any part of your application is missing.


When can I expect to hear about my admission status?

Admissions decisions will be made on a rolling basis and you will receive an admission decision within two weeks of submitting a complete application.


Will attending the online course increase my chances of being admitted to Duke University as a regular undergraduate degree candidate?

Participating in a online course for high schoolers offered by a Duke program  and mentioning that you did so on your college application is likely to be viewed by admissions counselors as one indicator of academic seriousness. However, it is just one indicator among many factors that are assessed in a comprehensive application review and does not guarantee an offer of admission. For additional information regarding Duke University's Undergraduate admissions process, see this page.