Campus Life

Extracurricular Activities

At the Accelerated STEM Academy, we believe the world-class academic experience we offer should be complemented by phenomenal extracurricular activities. For this reason, we provide both our residential and commuter students with the opportunity to participate in a wide variety of clubs on a daily basis.  Whether you are interested in anything from photography to team sports, hiking to drama, or group fitness to gaming, we have a club for you.  

We also offer an array of campus-wide activities during the evening to all of our participants, such as dances, casino nights, and karaoke nights.  These are catered to our participants’ many interests and are designed to ensure everyone experiences a rich campus life beyond the classroom.  While these will vary from week to week, our campus-wide activities are sure to be an exciting cap on a week jam-packed with transformative experiences.

We also place all of our participants into “RA Groups”.  These tight-knit communities are each led by one RA whose job it is to mentor students, help them negotiate the various components of college life, and understand our program’s policies.  

Please note that, while none of our participants will be allowed to explore campus or go off campus without staff supervision, our robust residential program ensures that everyone has a wide array of enriching and engaging activities from which to choose on a daily basis.


All residential Accelerated STEM Academy participants will live on campus for the duration of the program. Accommodations will be in one of the residence halls on Duke University’s historic West Campus and within walking distance of Duke Chapel, Perkins Library, Duke Gardens, dining facilities, and classrooms.

You will also have the full-time support of a robust residential and administrative staff. You will be assigned to a residential group of approximately 15 peers from around the world and under the mentorship of a Resident Assistant. Your RA will help ensure that you thrive academically and socially.


Duke University was recently ranked first on The Daily Meal’s list of best college food in America.  Accelerated STEM Academy participants will be given meal swipes, which they will use to dine at a wide selection of campus eateries. Residential participants will be given three meals per day, while commuter participants will be given lunch each day.  Unused meal swipes will not be refunded at the end of the program. With Duke’s state-of-the-art dining facilities, you will be able to select from a wide variety of enjoyable and healthful dining options.

If you decide to venture off campus and explore Durham with your RA group, you will discover what Southern Living has deemed as “The South’s Tastiest Town”. Although you will not be able to use your food points off-campus, you may wish to explore Durham’s extraordinary array of restaurants with your RA group.