Research Competition

Students in Research CompetitionParticipants in Duke Summer Session benefit from a range of learning opportunities throughout their experience on campus; however, some participants want to go beyond what they learn in their Summer Academy and Accelerated STEM Academy programs. Some students want to challenge themselves to apply their new-found knowledge to solving real problems. For these students we offer the Summer Research Competition.

This competition challenges you to take the skills and information from your summer courses and conduct a research project extending what you learned to solving a real-world problem. The inaugural 2019 Summer Research Competition invited participants to consider the future of technology. Participants were tasked to explore how our increasing reliance on internet connected technologies will pose challenges in our future. The challenge theme for the 2020 Summer Session Research Competition will be revealed as programs begin in June!

To compete, you will submit your research project in a written report by August 21, 2020.  Reports will be reviewed by a panel of experts from Duke University’s community, giving each competitor valuable feedback on your analytical skills. All participants with complete submissions will receive certificates of recognition from Duke University.  Top submissions will be selected based on the strength of the participant’s analysis – how thoroughly the problem was defined and a solution developed. The winning submissions will receive awards.

Additional details will be provided to all students upon arriving at the Duke Summer Session. You won’t want to miss this opportunity to stretch your capabilities and see how you can apply what you learned over the summer in a competitive situation where your skills are put to the test in a real-world analysis and problem-solving challenge. All Summer Academy and Accelerated STEM Academy participants are eligible for this competition.