Studying on the QuadHow to Request Your Duke Transcript

After your grade is posted, you may request that Duke University mail a copy of your official transcript to an individual (including yourself) or to an institution. Go to  Look for the section designated for “Duke Alumni and Former Students.”  You may click on the “Order My Transcript” box or on the words “Transcript Request Form.”  Both will take you to an online form that you can complete.

The form asks you to submit your name and other items of personal information.  One of the items is a question about where you were enrolled – and the answer is that you were enrolled in Summer Session.  Your response to “Degree(s)” should be “None.”  Your Duke Unique ID number can be found on the back of your DukeCard.

The Transcript Request Form will also ask you to specify the individual (including yourself) or the institution where you wish to have your Duke transcript sent.  Be prepared to enter the exact name and the exact mailing address for the recipient.

Remember that copies of your Duke transcript are provided to you free of charge because you have paid a transcript fee for lifetime, unlimited copies.