Intensive Spanish Summer Institute

SPANISH 111 — Duke Summer Session 2020

About the Course

This course fulfills two levels of Spanish in one short but packed 6-week session. It is designed to be an intensive immersion experience for students who want to gain language skills quickly.

SPANISH 111, valued as two course credits, is the equivalent of SPANISH 101 and 102 and incorporates a number of immersion opportunities. These include trips to local Latino establishments, cooking demonstrations, interaction with the local Hispanic community, Skype sessions with college students in Mexico, and a week in Mexico.
The course meets daily during the first summer session and can be combined with SPANISH 203 in the second summer session to fulfill the Duke Language requirement in a single summer.

Spanish 111 class with information leafletsWhat You Need to Know

  • Course tuition: $7,158
  • Program Fee: $1,100 (supports the costs of airfare and expenses while in Mexico for seven days)
  • Successful completion satisfies the general studies requirement for two semesters of foreign language
  • Civic Engagement
  • Interactive and Experiential Learning
  • Cultural Immersion in Durham and Mexico
  • Critical Thinking
  • Interview required
  • Fill out and send back this application to


Summer Session Term 1:  May 13-June 25
Trip to Mexico:
By the end of first summer term

Contact to Apply

Email and schedule an interview with:
Luis Jose Roncero Navarro
For appointments:

Deadline to apply
February 3, 2020