Housing & Dining

Students getting food in the dining hall

Summer Session students living on campus during the summer of 2018 will be primarily housed in air-conditioned West Campus Residence Halls. There may be a limited number of apartments available.

For further information and a housing application, visit the Residence Life and Housing Services web site or contact Housing Assignments: by phone, 919/684-4304; fax, 919/681-6248; or e-mail housing@studentaffairs.duke.edu. Assignments of roommates and dormitory rooms are made by the Office of Housing and Residence Life two to three weeks prior to the opening of each summer term.

Students who apply for campus housing but experience a change of plans should contact the Housing Office to cancel their housing application. Dropping your course registrations does not cancel your housing application. Housing fees are separate from tuition and are typically billed sometime after the end of drop/add for each summer term.

Estimated Rates — Summer 2018

  Terms I & II: 5/15-8/13 Charge per Term—4 Week Charge per Term—6 Week
Residence Halls:      
Air-conditioned, single $4,114 $1,338 $2,057
Air-conditioned, double $3,114 $1,012 $1,557
Air-conditioned, triple $2,778 $903 $1,389
1 Bedroom/2 persons $2,502 $739 $1,251
2 Bedroom Suite/2 persons $2,648 $782 $1,324
2 Bedroom/2 persons $3,120 $921 $1,560
2 Bedroom/3 persons $2,708 $800 $1,354
3 Bedroom/4 persons $2,656 $784 $1,328