Student entering buildingAll students enrolled at Duke University will be issued a DukeCard. This card serves as official identification for activities such as library book check out and recreational center, parking gate, and academic building access. Students should report to the DukeCard Office, Telcom Building (rear entrance), on Research Drive (919/684-5800), to have a DukeCard made.

The DukeCard is also the means of accessing the Dining and Flexible Spending (FLEX) Accounts. Dining and FLEX are two prepaid accounts which allow students to make purchases with their DukeCard at Dining Services locations, retail stores, photocopiers, vending, and laundry machines on campus. The Dining and FLEX Accounts may also be used to purchase pizza, sub sandwiches and ethnic foods from several off-campus merchants that deliver food to campus. A FLEX Account can be opened via cash, check, debit card, or charge to the student's Bursar Account at the DukeCard Office, and additional deposits can be made at the office, on-line, or by visiting any of the DukeCard Express Stations located across campus.

The Dining Account can be activated at the DukeCard Office, and will be billed to the student’s Bursar Account (see Dining Options).