Your Duke Identity

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Students are assigned a variety of identifiers.  These identifiers and their particular uses are described below.

Duke NetID

Your Duke NetID is an alphanumeric identifier that authenticates you to systems and services on the Duke computing network. Used in combination with a strong password, your NetID signals your identity to online resources. You are automatically assigned a NetID prior to your matriculation. With your NetID and password you will have access to e-mail, network file storage, DukeHub, Sakai, computer labs, and other Duke information resources. To learn more, see the OIT help pages.

Student ID

The Student ID is a 7-digit number unique to the individual that is only assigned to those with student status at Duke. It is the number attached to your academic records and therefore is the number requested most frequently on forms that deal with academic records (e.g., transcript request form). Your Student ID does not appear on your DukeCard.  In DukeHub, your Student ID appears at the top of your Student Center.

Duke Unique ID

The Duke Unique ID is a unique, 7-digit number assigned to individuals affiliated with Duke University.  Anyone with any Duke affiliation (student, employee, alumni, donor, contractor, vendor) is eligible to be assigned a Duke Unique ID. The purpose of the Duke Unique ID is to identify people within the context of the Duke University environment. The single Duke Unique ID serves as a common key to link databases across the institution. Your Duke Unique ID appears on the back of your DukeCard, along with your DukeCard number.