Drop/Add, Withdrawal and Refunds


Drop/add (dropping one class and adding another class in its place) may be done prior to the beginning of the term or during the first three days of the term. There are no financial charges for dropping and adding. A high school student who wishes to drop their course and add a different course must be eligible for the new course in order to enroll. Please see the course description on the Summer Session website to determine any prerequisites.

Wednesday, July 3, 2024 – Drop/Add for Term 2 ends at 11:59 p.m. Visiting high school students must contact the Summer Session office (summer@duke.edu).

Dropping, Withdrawals, and Refunds:


There is no financial obligation of tuition and fees for students who officially drop their course by the end of the Drop/add period. Never attending and/or not paying for a course for which you have registered will not drop you or release you from financial obligations. Course withdrawal fees will be assessed.


After the first three days of the term when Drop/add ends, students may withdraw from their course(s) for compelling reasons only with the permission of the Summer Session academic dean. Visiting high school students should contact the Summer Session Office.

Term 2 Withdrawal deadline: Monday, July 29, 2024

Students will receive a "W" for each course withdrawn on their official transcript. There is a financial obligation of full tuition and fees for withdrawing from a course. No refunds are possible.  

Summer Session retains the right to withdraw students from classes if they never attend, have not paid tuition and fees, or if they fail to clear with the bursar by the end of the Drop/add period. Attendance in classes after the first three days of the term financially obligates the student for 100% of the tuition charge and the Transcript Fee.