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Duke Summer Session Online

Session 1 – July 6 – 17
Session 2 – July 20 - 31

We are excited to offer a selection of online courses for your personal enrichment! Join other academically-motivated students this summer in Duke Summer Session Online. Our two-week certificate courses will immerse you in an online experience where you can build your skills, discover your passions, and be exposed to fields that will equip you to help solve today’s most pressing challenges. Each two-week, online course includes a series of synchronous and asynchronous sessions, Monday – Friday, with meeting times to fit your busy schedule. 

You will choose your session option as well as your preferred course time: 

  • Group A – Morning Synchronous Sessions
    • 9 - 9:50 a.m. & 11 - 11:50 a.m. EST
  • Group B – Afternoon Synchronous Sessions 
    • 1 - 1:50 p.m. & 3 - 3:50 p.m. EST 

Outside of your synchronous meeting times, you will complete action items and engage in activities for independent practice and personal enrichment. Because we believe that a world-class academic experience should include a rewarding social experience, we offer a variety of online social programming events where you can expand your social network and enjoy fun activities!   

The cost of each online course is $2,500. This includes the $50 application fee. The remaining balance of $2,450 is due when you have been approved to enroll in your course. 

Business, Law, & Public Policy in the Pandemic Era: A Global Challenge

The challenges created by a pandemic impact all of our plans, hopes, and dreams and reach every corner of civil society. Now more than ever, we see how business, law, and public policy are interconnected. Business, Law, & Public Policy in the Pandemic Era: A Global Challenge is led by a legal and business scholar who will give you inside knowledge on how leaders in business and government tackle global challenges, such as COVID-19. During this two-week, online course, you will investigate theories of economics, finance, and law in order to effectively engage with topics, such as: overviewing supply and demand, the roles of capital and debt, risk perception, the rights to privacy and due process, among others!  Imagine yourself as a leader in the worlds of business, law, and public policy as you explore questions such as:  

  • What role should businesses have in the face of a global pandemic? 
  • Should the law adapt the concept of individual liberty during times of challenge? 
  • How do you create effective public policy in response to a challenge that demands collective response in a nation with a long history of valuing self-determination? 
  • What harm is risked by the response itself? 
  • What kind of nation emerges from a pandemic?   

Explore case studies on COVID-19 responses throughout the world and analyze how the interrelated roles of business, government, culture, media and other systems shape public policy responses and determine the likelihood of success. By the conclusion of this course, you will better understand the ways in which business, law, and public policy can exacerbate and/or mitigate the risk of a pandemic occurring, help and/or hinder the response to a pandemic, and shape the world that emerges.
This course is open to rising 10th – 12th graders

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College Admissions Seminar & Workshop Series

Do you want the inside scoop on what colleges are looking for in that daunting college admissions process? Through a dynamic series of synchronous and asynchronous sessions, Duke Summer Session’s online College Admissions Seminar & Workshop Series gives you strategies from experts in the college advising field. Our comprehensive approach will guide you through the most critical aspects of the college admissions process: completing the Common App, preparing college essays, creating activity and achievement inventories, establishing residency, applying for scholarships and financial aid, and planning successful campus visits!

A series of 10 intensive sessions will address the most significant college admissions topics through both seminars and breakout workshops. You will participate in class discussions during your first session each day, then work independently on action items. During second daily synchronous sessions, you will attend small group breakout workshops. Your college admissions counselor will provide direct, individualized feedback on your completed action items. At the conclusion of the College Admission Seminar & Workshop Series, you will have: 

  • Completed student sections of the Common Application
  • Composed a college admissions essay
  • Created an activity and achievement inventory
  • Developed strategies for successfully planning campus visits
  • Established residency 

Put your mind at ease during this academic year by taking the first step in your college journey at Duke Summer Session’s College Admissions Seminar & Workshop Series!  

This course is open to rising 11th & 12th graders 

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Mathematics for Today’s Global Challenges

Do you want to help prevent the spread of infectious diseases like COVID-19? Perhaps, you would like to work in the intelligence field and help decode secret messages from terrorist organizations? Maybe you see yourself as a public official dedicated to making sure elections are free and fair by preventing problems such as gerrymandering? Mathematics is truly a universal language, and now more than ever access to data and the ability to analyze it have become critical skills. In this course, you will investigate real-world problems that can be tackled using mathematics. 

You may be asked how to reduce the COVID-19 curve or model population growth using matrices. These are significant scientific and social issues that leaders from small communities to large nations face. Throughout this two-week mathematical adventure, some of the topics you will investigate include: 

  • Voting theory
  • Graph theory to learn about shortest path
  • Gerrymandering
  • Basic cyphers (cryptology)
  • Leslie Matrices for population modeling
  • Modeling with COVID-19 data

You will be introduced to skills that are in demand by leaders of universities, governments, and industries. Skilled mathematicians can predict what will happen in the future and lead organizations towards positive outcomes. Could one of those mathematicians be you? 

Prerequisite: Algebra II or its equivalent 
This course is open to rising 10th – 12th graders 

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Research for Today’s Global Challenges

In our world today, we are confronted by many pressing challenges – from developing vaccines to prevent global pandemics like COVID-19 to finding new ways to meet the demands of our educational and economic systems when we are social distancing. Such complex problems require innovative minds to find solutions – they require researchers. Researchers are the world’s questioners, investigators, and problem-solvers. In order to solve social and scientific challenges like a researcher, you must have the skills and knowledge needed. In Duke Summer Session’s online Research for Today’s Global Challenges, you will gain the fundamental skills required to begin thinking like a researcher and contributing to discovery. Tomorrow’s researchers will solve some of today’s most significant challenges. Could one of those researchers be you? 

Research for Today’s Global Challenges introduces you to the life of a researcher through a dynamic series of online lessons, enrichment activities, discussions, and guest lectures from Duke researchers. Whether your motivation is scientific or social science research, the topics and guest lectures during this two-week course will help you develop your passion. You will learn the fundamentals of research: how to find and read research, develop a research question, test your hypothesis, critically evaluate research outcomes, and develop strategies for translating data into action. Because research is highly collaborative, you will work with peers to analyze scientific literature and discuss topics such as mentoring, ethics, and funding. Embark on a two-week journey to discover your research interests, learn about trailblazing research being done at Duke, and how you can impact the world through your own research!  

This course is open to rising 10th – 12th graders 

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