Transcripts & Transfer Credit

Requesting a Copy of Your Duke Transcript

Official transcripts are provided by the Duke University Registrar’s office.

Grades are posted to your Duke academic record after your course ends and instructors have submitted final grades. Summers are busy, so it may take a few days for your grades to post after you have completed finals.

Once grades post, you may request a paper or electronic copy of your official transcript.

  1. Go to the section, “Duke Alumni and Former Students”
  2. Select “Order Transcripts”
  3. Then, enter the required information

You will be required to provide the following:

  • Dates of Attendance: Note the year and term when you attended (ex. Summer 2022 Term 1)  
  • Duke Unique ID: Your Unique ID can be found on the back of your DukeCard and the confirmation email you received from the Summer Session Office
  • Duke Student ID: This information can be found on DukeHub and the confirmation email you received from the Summer Session office
  • Duke School Attended: Summer Session
  • Degree(s) Awarded: None

The Transcript Request Form will also ask you to specify the individual (including yourself) or the institution where you would like to have your Duke transcript sent.  Be prepared to enter the exact name and the exact mailing address for the recipient.

Remember that copies of your Duke transcript are provided to you free of charge because you have paid a transcript fee for lifetime, unlimited copies.

Will my course transfer to my future university?

Transfer credit is determined by the receiving institution. Please familiarize yourself with the transfer credit policies at your prospective university as you apply or when you are accepted. Some institutions limit the number of pre-matriculation credits that can be transferred, though courses can often be used for placement.