Financial Aid

Duke Undergraduate Degree Candidates

All current Duke undergraduates receiving financial aid during the regular academic year are also eligible to receive financial aid for two summer session terms. These two summer terms of financial aid are in addition to the eight regular academic year semesters.

Summer financial aid may be used for on campus study, study at the Duke Marine Laboratory in Beaufort, or for Duke-sponsored study abroad and domestic study programs, or any two of these—for the same summer or in two different summers. Summer financial aid, determined according to demonstrated need, may consist of institutional grant funds and/or low interest loans from the Federal Stafford Loan Program and the Federal Perkins Loan Program, or College Work Study funds.

To qualify for on-campus summer school aid, a student must be enrolled, or accepted for enrollment, at Duke during the academic year immediately preceding or immediately following the summer for which aid is requested. Students must have filed their aid applications (FAFSA and PROFILE) for the current year if studying during Summer Session Term 1, or submit these forms for the coming year if studying during Summer Session Term 2.

Inquiries concerning need-based financial aid availability should be directed to the Karsh Office of Undergraduate Financial Support, 2106 Campus Drive (919/684-6225). Important information about summer financial aid for study in Durham, at the Duke Marine Lab, or for a Duke-sponsored study abroad program can be obtained at the web site of Karsh Office of Undergraduate Financial Support.

Duke Graduate and Professional Students

Duke graduate students seeking financial aid for summer study should contact the financial aid officer of the appropriate graduate division.

Visiting Students

Visiting students enrolled only for the summer may be eligible to borrow from an outside lender under the Federal Stafford Loan Program in their home state. They should contact their college's financial aid office or their state's department of higher education for information and applications. Visiting students are not eligible to receive financial aid from Duke.

Duke Scholarship Athletes

Scholarship athletes should contact Mr. Brad Berndt or Dr. Chris Kennedy of the Duke University Athletic Department for more information about scholarships for summer study.