Complete Course Listings

(Last Update: May 26, 2020)

Course Offerings for the Summer of 2020

Term 1 and Term 2 course offerings are listed below.

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Note: The maximum course load for the 4-week terms is 1.5 course credits, while the maximum course load for the 6-week terms is 2.5 course credits.


TERM 1 2020 – 4-WEEK (May 13-June 6)

CULANTH 207 Anthropology of Sports
CULANTHN 350.01M Anthroplogy of Money
EDUC 101-01M Foundations of Education
EDUC 220-02M Race, Power & Identity
ENVIRON 278L-01M Comparative Physiology Marine Mammels
ENVIRON 390-01M Quantitative Analysis Of Marine & Coastal Drone Data
LINGUIST 473S-01M Neuroscience & Multilingualism
MATH 190S-01M Mathematics of the Universe
MATH 190S-02M Game Theory & Democracy
WRITING 182-02M Public Speaking


TERM 1 2020 – 6-WEEK (May 13-June 25)

AMI 205.01 Contemporary Doc Films
AMI 272 The Middle East Through Film
AMI 301S Moving Image Practice
AMI 357S Editing for Film and Video
ARTSVIS 242L Interactive Graphics
ARTHIST 303 History of Photography
BIOCHEM 301 Biochemistry I
BIOLOGY 201D Molecular Biology
CHEM 101 General Chemistry
CHEM 130 Science of Cooking
CHEM 201 Organic Chemsitry I
CHINESE 305 Advanced Chinese
CHINESE 331D Media China
CLST 208 Ancient Myth
CLST 352 The Aegean Bronze Age
COMPSCI 230 Discrete Math for Computer Science
COMPSCI/EGR 250 Computer Architecure
CULANTH 101 Intro to Cultural Anthrpology
CULANTH 170 Advertising & Society
CULANTH 290S Food & Film
CULANTH 360S Global Apple
DOCST 101 Traditions in Documentary Studies
DOCST 354S Wed Design & Narrative
EOS 101 Dynamic Earth
ECE 564 Mobile App Programming
ECON 101 Economic Principles
ECON 201D Intermediate Micreconomics
ECON 390-02 Game Theory
EDUC 240 Educational Psychology
EDUC 241 Reform In American Classrooms
EDUC 290S Educational Impact of Covid-19
EGR 244 Dynamics
EGR 190 Marketing
ENGLISH 110 Intro to Creative Writing
ENGLISH 288 American Dreams American Movies
ENGLISH 290S.01 Long Lives, Short Stories
ENGLISH 290S.02 Superheroes & American Politics
ENVIRON 155 Environmental Economics
ENVIRON 212 US Environmental Policy 
ENVIRON 214S Ethical Challenges in Environmental Conservation 
ENVIRON 273 Marine Ecology
EVANTH 333L The Human Body
EVANTH 336S Dance Science
FRENCH 203 Intermediate French Language & Culture
FRENCH 390S Global Issues, French Approach
GLHLTH 260 Epidemics in the Age of Interdependence
HISTORY 190S.05 Disease Through the Ages
HISTORY 316 The Atlantic Slave Trade
ISS 112 Googlization of Knowledge
ISS 240S-01 Web-based Multi-media Comm
IE 271A Bldg & Sustaining a Successful Enterprise
ITALIAN 102 Elementary Italian 2
ITALIAN 203 Intermediate Italian 1
KOREAN 203 Intermediate Korean I
LATIN 101 Introduction to Latin
MATH 111L Laboratory Calculus I
MATH 112L Laboratory Calculus II
MATH 202 Multivariable Calculus for Economics
MATH 212 Multivariable Calculus
MATH 216 Linear Algebra & Differential Equations
MATH 353 Ordinary & Partial Diff Equestions
MATH 541 Applied Stochastic Process
MMS 220 Marketing Management
MUSIC 101-3 Guitar Lesson
MUSIC 104-5 Guitar Lesson
MUSIC 103-01 Piano Lessons
MUSIC 201-01 Piano Lessons
MUSIC 208 Voice Lessons
MUSIC 273S Intro to Electronic Music
PHIL 150 Logic
PHIL 212 Philosophy of Mind
PHYSEDU 170 Yoga
PHYSEDU 206 Exercise Physiology
PHYSICS 141L General Physics 1
PHYSICS 142 General Physics 2
PSY 104 Social Psychology
PSY 106 Bio Basis of Behavior
PSY 202 Research Methods in Psy Science
PSY 330 Develop Your Life
PUBPOL 290S-02 Free Speech
RELIGION 268 Religion and Film
SPANISH 102 Elementary Spanish 2
SPANISH 203 Intermediate Spanish
SPANISBH 204 Advanced Intermediate Spanish
SPANISH 301 Advanced Spanish Writing
SPANISH 302 Advanced Spanish Grammer
SPANISH 303 Introduction to Cultural Studies
SPANISH 327S Spanish for Freshmen and Sophomores
STATISTICS 101 Data Analysis & Statistical Inference 
STATISTICS 198 Intro to Health Data Science
STATISTICS 230 Probability
STATISTICS 323D Statistical Computing
STATISTICS 523L Programming for Statistical Science
STATISTICS 540L Case Studies in Statistical & Data Science


TERM 2 2020 – 4-WEEK (July 7-July 30)

AMI-211-01M American Film Comedy
BIOLOGY 190S-M Evolution of Virus-Based Therapies
BIOLOGY 190S-M Microbes: Friends &Foes
BIOLOGY 190S-M Evolution and Creationism 
BIOLOGY 270-01M Conservation Biology and Policy
COMPSCI 94-01M Intro-Programming
CULANTH 290S-03M The Anthropology of Plants
ENVIRON 390-02M Building a Physiology Database
EOS 204-01M Evolving Earth and Life
FRENCH 390S-01M Advertising & Identity Francophone World
GSF 290S-01M Care in the Age of COVID-19
I&E 253-01M Social Marketing
NEUROSCI 362S-01M Marijuana
POLSCI 331-01M Prisoner's Dilemma and Distributive Justice
PSY 390S-01M Cultural Psychology
PSY 390S-02M Nature and the Brain
WRITING 182-02M Public Speaking and Presentation


TERM 2 2020 – 6-WEEK (June 29-August 9)

AMI 202 History of Documentary Film
AMI 211S American Film Comedy
AMI 306S Writing the Movie
AMI 357S Editing for Film and Video
ARABIC 99 Survival Arabic
ARTSVIS 119S ARTSVIS-Intro to Digital Photography
ARTSVIS 222S ARTSVIS-The Photographic Portfolio
VMS 290S VMS-Visual Cultures of Evidence/Law
VMS 366L VMS-Data Visualization
BIOLOGY 190 Microbes: Friends &Foes
BIOLOGY 202L Genetics and Evolution
BIOLOGY 329D Principles of Animal Physiology
CELLBIO 451 Intro to Human Physiology
CHEM 99D Introduction to Chemistry
CHEM 101DL General Chemistry
CHEM 201DL Organic Chemistry I
CHINESE 306 Advanced Chinese II
CLST 262 Ancient Athletics
CLST 346S Classical Sculpture
CULANTH 170 Advertising & Society
CULANTH 290 Global Media Industries
CULANTH 350 Anthropology of Money
DANCE 290S Body Image & Gender
DANCE 290S Creativity Amdist Crisis
DOCST 101 Traditions in Documentary Studies
DOCST 236S Color Photography
DOCST 354S Web Design & Narrative
ECON 190 Game Theory
ECON 205D Intermediate Microeconomics II
ECON 208D Intro to Econometrics
ECON 210D Intermediate Macroeconomics
ECON 224 How ideas Shape the Economy
ECON 307 Understanding Financial Bubbles & Crises
ECON 368 Behavioral Finance 
EDUC 101 Foundations of Education
EDUC 240-01 Educational Psychology
EDUC 290S Educational Impact of Covid-19
ENGLISH 110S Intro to Creative Writing
ENGLISH 221S Introduction to the Writing of Fiction
ENGLISH 290S Freedom in Shakespeare's Rome
ENGLISH 290S I, Robot
ENGLISH 390-02 Dickens
EVANTH 246 Sociobiology
EVANTH 330 Human Physiology & Anatomy
EVANTH 341 Primate Sexuality
ENVIRON 390 Regulating the Oceans
ENVIRON 376L Marine Mammals
ENVIRON 335 Drones in Marine Biology, Ecology & Conservation
ENVIRON 375 Biology & Conservation of Sea Turtles
EOS 231 Energy and the Environment
EOS 365 Introduction to Weather & Climate
FRENCH 101 Elementary French
GERMAN 101 First Year German I
GERMAN 102 First Year German II
GERMAN 203 Intermediate German I
GERMAN 290S Being Romantic Today
HISTORY 140S European Empires
HISTORY 203 History of Global Health
ICS 190-01 Intercultural Communication in Times of Global Conflict
ICS 190-02 Intercultural Communication and Advertising
ISS 241L Web Project Design & Development
ISS 490 Power, Prestige and Money . . .Scholarly Publishing
ITALIAN 101 Elementary Italian
ITALIAN 203 Intermediate Italian 
ITALIAN 328S Feminism in Italy
LATIN 102 Introduction to Latin 
LATIN 203 Intermediate Latin
LIT 290S Monstrosity, Science, Culture
LIT 190S Contemporary Television
LIT 390S Rethinking Philosophy
LIT 190S Finance and Global Culture
MATH 290 Mathematics In Medicine & Biology
MATH 105L Laboratory Calculus and Functions I
MATH 190S Mathematics of the Universe
MATH 190S Game Theory & Democracy
MATH 212 Multivariable Calculus
MATH 216 Linear Algebra & Differential Equations
MATH 230 Probability
MATH 260 Python Programming in Mathematics
MATH 353 Ordinary & Partial Diff Equestions
MMS 210 Managerial Effectiveness
MUSIC 101-3 Class Guitar
MUSIC 103-1 Classical Piano
MUSIC 104-5 Classical Guitar
MUSIC 203-1 Classical Piano
MUSIC 208 Applied Voice Lessons
MUSIC 140 Introduction to Jazz
MUSIC 190S Musical Shakespeare
MUSIC 161 Intro to Music Theory
MUSIC 190S Building Bridges Through Music
MUSIC 190S History and Practice of EDM
MUSIC 190S Discovering Music
MUSIC 273S Intro to Electronic Music
NEUROSCI 202 Medical Neuroscience
NEUROSCI 223 Cellular and Molecular Neurobiology
NEUROSCI 340S Educational Neuroscience
PHIL 109 Philosophy Through Computer Science
PHIL 150 Logic
PHIL 206 Philosophy of Law
PHIL 203 History of Ancient Philosophy
PHIL 212 Philosophy of Mind
PHIL 222 Gender and Philosophy
PHIL 270 Business Ethics
PHYSEDU 108 Hot Topics in Health and Wellness
PHYSEDU 104 Fitness Fusion
PHYSEDU 170 Yoga
PHYSEDU 174 Yoga for Athletes
PHYSEDU 203 Diet and Nutrition
PHYSEDU 207 Exercise & Mental Health
PHYSICS 134 Introduction to Astronomy
PHYSICS 141L General Physics I
PHYSICS 142L General Physics II
PHYSICS 190-01 Acoustics
PHYSICS 190-02 Intro to Medical Physics
POLSCI 175 Intro Political Philosophy
POLSCI 190-01 Public Opinion & Political Behavior
POLSCI 318 Congress and the President
POLSCI 340D Modern Regulatory State
PSY 101 Intro to Psychology
PSY 102 Cognitive Psycholoy
PSY 104 Social Psychology
PSY 105 Abnormal Psychology
PSY 106 Bio Bases of Behavior
PSY 290S Medical Cognition
PSY 319S Positive Psychology
PSY 330S Developing Your Life
PUBPOL 206S Engaged Citizenship and Social Change 
PUBPOL 290 US Democracy In a Pandemic
PUBPOL 290S The West Wing
PUBPOL 290S Whistleblowing
PUBPOL 290S Understanding the News in a Pandemic
PUBPOL 290S Disinformation: How to Separate Fact from Fake
RELIGION 145 The Old Testament/Hebrew Bible
RELIGION 175 Religions of Asia
RELIGION 220 Religions of India
RELIGION 248 Hip Hop & Religion
SOCIOL 333 Quantitative Analysis of Sociological Data
SOCIOL 338 Theory & Society
SPANISH 101 Elementary Spanish 1
SPANISH 102 Elementary Spanish 2
SPANISH 203 Intermediate Spanish 
SPANISH 204 Advanced Intermediate Spanish 
SPANISH 303 COVID-19: Spain & Latinamerica
SPANISH 327S Of Sounds and Letters
STA 101 Data Analysis & Statistical Inference 
STA 360 Bayesian Statistical Infernece….
STA 602L Bayesian and Modern Statistics
THEATRST 290S-5 Creating Arts Access 
VMS 290S VMS-Visual Cultures of Evidence/Law
VMS 366L VMS-Data Visualization
WRITING 190S Democracy & Crises
WRITING 190S Writing Isolation…
WRITING 190S The COVID-19 Infodemic
WRITING 190S Writing in the Disciplines: Decoding Disney 2.0
WRITING 290S Composing Oneself