Projected Course Listings

The projected list of courses below is a work in progress. This list will continue to grow over the fall and winter so please check back periodically for updates. Cross-listed sections are not listed at this time. This projected course list is provided to assist you in academic planning.  

In addition to regular course offerings, many departments will offer independent study and special projects courses. Note: If you take a 4-week course, that is the only course that can be taken that summer term.

After February 13, 2023 please see the course schedule on DukeHub for the most up-to-date and accurate course information. 

(Contact the Marine Lab and the Global Education Office for information regarding summer coursework sponsored by those academic offices.) 

TERM 1 2023 

AAAS 103 Introduction to African Studies (online)
ARTHIST 102D Intro to World Art History from 1200 to the Present
ARTSVIS 199 Drawing
BIOLOGY 201L Molecular Biology
CHEM 91 Chemistry. Technology, and Society (online)
CHEM 130L The Chemistry & Physics of Cooking (online)
CHEM 201DL Organic Chemistry I 
CHEM 202DL Organic Chemistry II
CHEM 210DL Modern Application of Chemical Principles
CULANTH 190S Technology & Society
ECE 250 Computer Architecture
ENGLISH 110 Intro Creative Writing
ENGLISH 386 Science Fiction Film
EVANTH 434L Advanced Osteology
MATH 111L Laboratory Calculus I 
MATH 112L Laboratory Calculus II 
MATH 202D Multivariable Calculus for Economics 
MATH 218D-2 Matrices and Vector Spaces
MATH 219 Multivariable Calculus
MATH 230 Probability 
MATH 353 Ordinary & Partial Differential Equations 
NEUROSCI 223 Cellular & Molecular Neurobiology
PHYSICS 141DL General Physics I
PSY 103 Developmental Psychology (online)
PSY 239 Adolescence
PSY 330S Develop Your Life (online)
PUBPOL 290S Writing for Public Policy (online)
SOCIOL 332 Methods of Social Research
SOCIOL 333 Quantitative Analysis of Sociological Data 
SPANISH 101 Elementary Spanish 1 
SPANISH 102 Elementary Spanish 2 
SPANISH 203 Intermediate Spanish
STA 101L Data Analysis and Statistical Inference
STA 199L Introduction to Data Science and Statistical Thinking
STA 210 Regression Analysis
THEATRST 145S Acting 
WRITING 101 Academic Writing
WRITING 165S Making Your Voice Heard: The Arts of Oral Communication, Critical Speaking, and Digital Rhetoric
WRITING 270 Composing the Internship Experience: Topics in Digital Rhetoric and Social Media Discourse (online)

TERM 2 2023

AAAS 103 Introduction to African Studies (online)
ARTSVIS 119S Intro to Digital Photography
CELLBIO 451 Introductory Human Physiology (online)
COMPSCI 230 Discrete Math for Computer Science
DOCST 101 Traditions in Documentary Studies (online)
EDUC 240 Educational Psychology (online)
EDUC 290S-01 Educational Impact of Covid-19
LIT 190S-01 Television Studies
MARSCI/ENV/BIO 270A Conservation Biology and Policy (Duke Marine Lab)
MARSCI/ENV/BIO 375A Biology and Conservation of Sea Turtles (Duke Marine Lab)
MARSCI/ENV/BIO 335A Drones in Marine Biology, Ecology and Conservation (Duke Marine Lab)
MARSCI/ENV/BIO 376LA Marine Mammals (Duke Marine Lab)
MARSCI/ENV/BIO 273LA Marine Ecology: Coastal Restoration and Resilience (Duke Marine Lab)
MATH 105L Laboratory Calculus and Functions I
MATH 112L Laboratory Calculus II 
MATH 212 Multivariable Calculus
MATH 218D-2 Matrices & Vectors
MATH 219 Multivariable Calculus
MATH 230 Probability  (online)
MATH 353 Ordinary & Partial Differential Equations
PHYSEDU 206 Exercise Physiology (online)
PHYSEDU 207 Exercise and Mental Health (online)
PHYSICS 142DL General Physics II
PSY 104 Social Psychology
PSY 214 Exercise and Mental Health (online)
PSY 240 Educational Psychology (online)
PSY 290S Contemplation
PSY 330S Develop Your Life (online)
PUBPOL 290S-01 Writing for Public Policy (online)
PUBPOL 290S-02 Humor in Politics (online)
PUBPOL 290S-03 Climate Change & Public Policy (Online)
SPANISH 102 Elementary Spanish 2
SPANISH 203 Intermediate Spanish
WRITING 101 Academic Writing
WRITING 384 Public Speaking