Tuition & Fees

Tuition for 2023

Tuition for Duke and DKU undergraduate students 
  • $2,705 for regular or non-science lab course;
  • $3,460 for a science course with a lab* (Biology 201L, Chemistry 101DL, Chemistry 201DL, Chemistry 202DL, Physics 141L, and Physics 142L - also some Engineering courses with labs);
  • $1,355 for each half-course;
  • $680 for each quarter-course;

*Charges for laboratory courses may not be split up to pay for the classroom portion separately from the lab portion, and vice versa.

Tuition for students enrolled through The Graduate School in doctoral and masters programs

Detailed information regarding graduate tuition can be found on The Graduate School web site. Students are encouraged to direct specific questions regarding summer tuition and fees to their graduate program offices or The Graduate School. 

Graduate students will be responsible for tuition when enrolling in Summer Session course(s) unrelated to their major/that will not count as credit toward their degree. Tuition for such courses will be at the rates noted above.

Individuals who need or who would like to take undergraduate coursework as prerequisite to graduate coursework should consult their Director of Graduate Studies or program office regarding the possibility of funding for such coursework.

Required fees for Summer 2022 (2023 fees pending)

  • Transcript Fee $120 - All students are required to pay a one-time transcript fee the first time they take a Duke course for credit. This fee covers lifetime, unlimited copies of your Duke transcript. Current Duke students and alumni have already paid this fee.
  • Student Services Fee -  $135.50 per enrolled summer term for all students.
  • Student Health Fee - $151 per enrolled summer term. Online only students may email to request to waiver of the student health fee.
  • Duke graduate students registered for Graduate Continuation only are required to pay a $302.00 student health fee for the entire summer.

Applied Music Fees

(Music fees are in addition to regular tuition charges)

$366 for ½ hour lessons
$732 for 1 hour lessons
$183 for group instruction classes