Registration for classes during the Summer terms is optional. Unlike Spring and Fall, not all students enroll in Summer classes. The schedule will be visible to all students. If a student is interested in enrolling for Summer, the student must “Request Summer Enroll” in DukeHub. Students are not required to meet with their advisor for Summer enrollment. Any term not initially checked will remain and a student may return at a later date to request eligibility for that term.

Please see the Help Guide for requesting Summer Enrollment.

Undergraduate students who plan to enroll for courses, and graduate students who plan to enroll for research (graded or ungraded) or continuation in one or more Summer Session terms, are encouraged to have their course programs reviewed by their respective schools or colleges.

Typically, but with the exception of the Master of Arts in Liberal Studies and the Master of Arts in Teaching programs, if a graduate student continuing in a degree program registers in the summer session, it is for continuation only.