Summer Session FAQ

Undergraduate students

How do Duke students register for summer courses?

If you are interested in enrolling for summer, you must “Request Summer Enroll” in DukeHub. You are not required to meet with your advisor for summer enrollment. Any term not initially checked will remain, and a student may return at a later date to request eligibility for that term.

The Registrar’s Office created a Help Guide to Request Summer Enrollment that includes a visual for this process.

Who is eligible to enroll in Summer Session for-credit courses?

Summer Session courses are open to currently enrolled Duke undergraduate students, DKU undergraduate students, and undergraduate students at other accredited universities (i.e., not seeking their degree at Duke). Select Term 2 Summer Session courses are open to academically advanced, current 10th and 11th-grade high school students.

Can graduate and professional students enroll in Summer Session classes? Do I need to pay tuition?

Yes. Please consult with your program about the tuition implications of taking a course outside of your respective program or school. You should assume that tuition for courses that are unrelated to your program and that do not count as credit toward the degree will be charged at the undergraduate Summer Session rate. 

What is the tuition and fees for summer session?

Please visit: the Tuition and Fees page for more information. 

All Summer Session students will be assigned to Edens Quad in either single or double rooms. All students living on campus will be required to have a meal plan.

Please see the Housing & Dining page for rates.

I would like to be in Durham this summer and live in Duke housing. Do I need to be enrolled in for-credit summer classes?  

In order to live on campus, you must be enrolled in credit bearing coursework or an approved co-curricular activity.  You must commit to living in campus housing for the duration of your academic or co-curricular term.

Students who are involved in a local co-curricular program or working in Durham as a research assistant, intern, etc. can apply to live on campus this summer through Conference and Event Services (CES). Students are responsible for housing and a meal plan. Please reach out to to receive the application or ask any other questions.

Can I live on campus if I am taking only online courses at Duke this summer?

Yes.  You may live on campus as long as you are enrolled in credit bearing coursework or an approved co-curricular activity.

For students who have been accepted into a summer co-curricular program or research lab, housing will be coordinated through Duke Conference and Events Services, not Duke Housing and Residence Life. Please check-in with your program lead on housing information and updates.

Can I take classes at the Marine Lab?

Yes. Please visit the Marine Lab website for more information.