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Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Duke Summer Session on-campus courses are canceled for Term 1 of 2020.  We do have an expanded selection of online courses and will be adding additional ones over the coming days.   Please see the course schedule on DukeHub

The university will make a decision about face-to-face classes for Summer Term 2 by the end of April. Regardless, we are moving forward with organizing a robust set of online courses for Summer 2.

Please direct all questions to:

We thank you for your patience during this challenging time.

General Information about Course Levels

  • 0 - 99 – Advanced Placement credit; House Courses; First-Year Seminars, First-Year Writing.
  • 100 - 199 -- Introductory-level undergraduate courses; basic skills / activity courses.
  • 200 - 399 -- Undergraduate courses above introductory level.
  • 400 - 499 -- Advanced undergraduate, senior seminars, capstone courses, honors thesis courses.
  • 500 - 699 -- Graduate courses open to advanced undergraduates.

Maximum Course Load. The maximum course load for Trinity College students for one 6-week term of the summer session is two courses, one of which may be a laboratory science course. Students in Pratt School of Engineering must make an appointment with their Academic Dean in order to discuss taking more than one laboratory course in one 6-week session. In addition, a student may enroll in a physical education activity course for one-half course credit or an applied music course for one-quarter or one-half course credit, not to exceed a total of 2.5 course credits in the 6-week term. A greater load may be possible on rare occasions with the approval of the student's dean or the appropriate director of graduate studies. Visiting students must obtain approval for an overload from the director of the Summer Session. 

The maximum program for one 4-week term of the summer session is one course. In addition, a student may enroll in a physical education activity course or tutorial for one-half course credit or a music lesson for one-quarter course credit.

Concurrent registration in a 4-week course and a 6-week course is not permitted under normal circumstances.

Minimum Enrollment Required. Some courses are offered subject to minimum enrollments. If a course must be canceled because of insufficient enrollment, this decision is made as early as possible in an attempt to avoid undue hardship on students. Students already enrolled in a course to be canceled will be notified immediately. If at all possible, courses are offered as scheduled.