Tuition & Fees

Students studying in the library

Tuition for 2021

Tuition for undergraduates and visiting students. 

  • $2,500 for regular or non-science lab course;
  • $3,200 for a science course with a lab* (Biology 201L,  Chemistry 101DL, Chemistry 201DL, Chemistry 202DL, COMPSCI 230, Physics 141L, and  Physics 142L; also some Engineering courses with labs);
  • $1,250 for each half-course;
  • $625 for each quarter-course;

*Charges for laboratory courses may not be split up to pay for the classroom portion separately from the lab portion, and vice versa.

Fees for 2021 

Transcript Fee.
  • All students are required to pay a one-time $120.00 transcript fee the first time they take a Duke course for credit. This fee covers lifetime, unlimited copies of your Duke transcript. 

Other 2021 fees still to be determined.